ConnectComputer Application Installation Problem

Hey all,

I have a problem where when I use http://EWANMCKSERVER/ConnectComputer or conncet through Client Setup Wizard I get this:

Client Setup Wizard
You must be a member of the local Administrators security group on this computer to install & configure applications ...

I have looked on the client computer in computer management in group under administrator and the user /EWANMCKSERVER/user is there...but i'm not sure if thats what it needs.  Normally I would try untill I figured it out but i'm under the gun and need a quick fix.

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
If you've already added the computer to the domain (which it sounds like you may have done manually), then you need to remove, rename and rejoin.  Please follow these steps to repair the problem:

The following needs to be done with the client machine:
1.  Log in with THAT machine's LOCAL administrator account.
2.  Unjoin the domain into a WORKGROUP
3.  Change the name of the computer
4.  Delete or rename the following directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Clients if it exists
5.  Ensure that DHCP is enabled and there are  no manually configured network settings
6.  Reboot

Then on the server, from the Server Management Console:
1.  Remove the client computers if it still shows in the Client Computer screen on the Server Management Console
2.  Add the client with it's NEW name using the Add Computer wizard

Then, go back to the client machine and join the domain by opening Internet Explorer and navigating to http://servername/connectcomputer

What user you are login in with ?
You have to login with a local administrator account.

hope this helps.
eke-the-electronAuthor Commented:
A local admin on the server or the client computer?
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
'Local admin' is alway on workstation / client

'Domain admin' refers to logon at server.
Local admin is when you login with the administrator account on the pc ( client or server ), this is possible when you select from the domains list the record that is something like that "computername ( this computer)"
Domain admin is when you login using the administrator account and selecting from the domains list the domain where you want to login.

Hope this helps.
eke-the-electronAuthor Commented:
What I did was manually joined the domain and then tried to connect the computer after I was logged into the domain, I see now... I feel like an idiot, but I see now...

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