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I have been asigned a project to record and playback the commands of mouse and keyboard. I am providing a link from where i have found the source code and i would be grateful if someone gives a look at it and tells me if it's ok or need some adjustments to be made.
Also, i would be grateful if someone tells me if it's better to develop it on mfc application or just develop the code on vc++ 6.0

Here is the link:
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mahesh1402Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>>From what i have understood there does not need for an src file to be included in the project.

I didnt got what do you mean by exactly by this -> 'not need for an src file to be included' ?

As per my understanding you need main src files that have global hook API functions which are 'HookService.H' and 'HookService.CPP'.

You need to include this files in your project in order to invoke this hooks functions from your main project as these are core heart functions.

'HookService.CPP' <== having well defined functions like following in short explanation :

fnStartRecorder() <== Starts Recorder

fnStop_Recorder() <== Stops Recorder

fnStartPlayBack() <== Starts Playback

fnStopPlayBack() <== Stops  Playback

SO ALL YOU NEED IS GRAB 'HookService.H' and 'HookService.CPP' SRC FILES. Include then in your project and invoke above functions as per your needs from your main project. For help have a look at sample 'HookManagerDlg.CPP' how they are invoked from dialog based application.

Hope this helps.

Above project 'DEMO' is developed in MFC but as its using global hooks its having src file used in win32 API call functions.

Above project will be ok for your needs until and unless its giving you desired output.. As for talking about to develop it in MFC or VC (call it as Win32 API) as in above project you need HOOK functions in plain win32 API ( refer HOOKSERVICE.CPP ) and you may invoke them from MFC application as shown.

afos21Author Commented:
Can you explain me in more simple words what i have to do?
afos21Author Commented:
Let me rephrase my question. From what i have understood there does not need for an src file to be included in the project. Since the application is based on Journal playback and record functions which are global hooks what changes do i have to make in order for my project to be ok?
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