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Hi guys,

I have an Aeolus GeForce 6600GT, but I had to remove it as it was generating far too much heat inside my case. I'm just wondering what a good, *cool* as in not hot, mid-range card is at the moment?


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burrcmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unlikely that the 6600 is generating enough heat to upset the system. Sounds more like an airflow issue. One of those exhaust fans should be blowing air in - ideally front in, rear out, but if all are at the back, then 1 in, 2 out will be fine, the main thing is to create circulation. If everything is heading out, where does the air get in?? Check that the fan on the card is spinning and the heatsink is dust free. (Same goes for the CPU).

Chris B
pushpopAuthor Commented:

I'd prefer to stay with Nvidia if possible

Install an exhaust fan at the rear of your PC. The PSU fan alone won't help.
pushpopAuthor Commented:
I have three exhaust fans including the PSU one, but the GPU is causing other problems, like crashing my PC and causing the POST to lock into a beeping loop!
pushpopAuthor Commented:
To be honest,

I am fairly certain it's the graphics card. I've tried different fan configurations, and they didn't have much of an effect, but when I changed back to an older card, the heat issue went away. The GPU is heating up to the point where you cant touch it! So logically, that heat will rise up into the CPU fan and make more work for it. I think my motherboard just isn't all that compatible with it as well, which certainly won't help matters
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