net card change PCI slot

I needed to move rtl8139 network card into another PCI slot, using w2k.
W2k tells that already has allocated my IP to previous device when write it manually, and DHCP cannot retrieve my internet configuration.
How can i install net card after have moved it to another PCI slot please?
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When in device manager, enable show hidden devices under view and delete the old reference to the NIC. alternatively you could move the card back to original slot, remove IP configuration and move it back.

That should do it!
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
I want to try both methods, i'll be back later, thanks for quick answer!
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
The second method donno how, remains the first. Right now i have another issue with the system.
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
It seemd it wasn't a software matter.
I had net card on a pci that shared the same irq with the agp video card.
Could it be the problem?
Now i took nic off the system and used usb instead, was it ok to give up nic and use usb to link to the internet?
My cable modem has also usb port.
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