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LCD monitor question.

Can the simple act of touching a lcd monitor's screen damage the monitor?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
As long as you're not apply PRESSURE, you should be fine.
Touching with your hand?

I would expect an average LCD to hold up to 10lb's of force without breaking so no average finger touching it is going to do any damage.
I tend to agree with leew. jer2eydevil88, you are also right saying that up to 10 lbs can be applied without any critical damage, but ON THE WHOLE SURFACE, not on a specific point of the screen... As an example, I can give you this anecdote : my son was used to my old CRT, and he used to try and dig holes in my screen pointing me the "things of interest"... My first lcd screen took his first attack bravely.....and died....

I agree on the fact that simply "touching" the screen won't hurt, but I would also say that it's best practice not to do so.


Yeah I should have specified that the 10lb's would need to be distributed accross the entire surface.
If you get (and you will) fingerprints on your screen the best way to clean them is using a cleaning solution made up of one part viniger and four parts water. Thought you should know because if you use windex or something of that sort you will burn away the screen and destroy your lcd beyond repair. Windex is okay to use on old CRT's Though. Just lightly mix the vineger with the water 1:5 ratio which means 1 part viniger and 4 parts water. Spray the screen lightly and use a cotton shirt to clean it off. Dont use paper towel as it will scratch the surface.

~ Mechy
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