I have an ati radeon 9550 video card whos fan makes noise like a big hungry supermosquito.
What can i do to reduce the noise or to stop it?
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Purple_SkyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What about using heatsinks intended mainly for use on modern motherboards ? I am sure there is a way. A zalman we should find :)

Software way... I came across with some fan undervolting ideas but i am really not sure if it could be done to the videocard fans.

fan undervolting:

Thank you btw :)
Clean it with compressed air. ( may help )
Take it out and apply some turbine oil in the middle where the bearings are ( also withstands high temps )
Last option would be to replace it
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
The video card is one day old and the fan seems to be made by ATI.
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Those fans are noisy indeed. Read this article :

If the sound is extremely abnormal even for a noisy fan then you may rma the card.
MechX2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can buy a quiter fan and replace the existing fan on the Video Card. search for "Zalman" fans compatible with your video card. Here is a fanless version of your video card if I am not mistaken.

Best of luck ~ Mechy
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
At new egg below the page:
Cooler      Heatsink and Fan :)

A fan mate would be a hardware solution, but i'd prefer a soft to lower the ati freq and cool it so.

Cool article Purple_Sky.
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
I use 2 fans at 5v for the power supply, it's a good idea about using 7v when needed.
For the video card a thermistor controlled fan would be the safe solution.
I needed to replace the video card :( and the new one Nvidia has a really silent fan.
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