Can't open exe file in VB 6.0


I have a CD wtih MS Access database that is linked to VB front-end. The .exe file writtenin VB 6.0 prompts for a password and once entered opens a form from which a user can manipulate data. On my CD all I have is the database and this Start.exe file. I have VB 6.0 and have tried to open the .exe file to see the code and make changes in the form, but every time I receive an error message saying the ".....Start.exe could not be loaded!"  How can I open this file and find where the code is?

Thanks in advance
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You can't. The VB6 editor opens the project's file which is a .vbp file. Once compiled, the exe file cannot be reversed. Coders always keep the projects file (vbp) for updates and changes. Sorry.

thank to Shauli
another way that may work is
please copy all files from cd to hard disk and change file attributions in a way that not read-only
and try again
galinbgAuthor Commented:

Unfortunately the programmer who wrote this .exe file quit so I guess I have to start from scratch.
<<so I guess I have to start from scratch>>
If you don't have the vbp file, then, YES, you will have to start from scratch...

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