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Hi all ,
I am beta testing a new application I have been working on , it is a flash photogallery with a php admin where you can upload photos and videos .
I am looking for bugs , comments , suggestions etc . (at this point especialy bugs)
This is where you can test it -
Points will be devided between 5 selected galleries (that tryed all the features photos , videos and customise options)
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Wow, thats pretty slick!

I had an issue with the Flash loader.  The first time I click on it, it comes into focus.  I have to click it a 2nd time to get the browse window up.  I'm not sure there is anything you can do about this, of if anyone else even has the same problem.  Perhaps you can use java to bring it into focus onload so that the first click will activate it.

Also I noticed your host allows directory browsing within each gallery.  While I cannot enumerate a list of galleries, if I know the name of the gallery I can see all of the pictures in it.  This seems to bypass the gallery password =)
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
Just looked at the terms and conditions. (different type of debugging!)

Paragraph 9 needs probably some reconsideration.
- It makes things clear that submitter is the single responsible for intellectual property rights, wether (s)he has them or not.
- As expected, it gives My e-album the rights to display the material (otherwise of course there would be no web site!)... but it also gives lots more since you mention <<the right to reproduce, distribute, transmit, display>> which is, I think too wide. Your legal people might think about makinh clear what is the purpose of the rights (displaying) and what are the rights that are technically needed (reproduce, distribute, transmit, store on files or databases, make backup copies) to meet the purpose, and saying that you have all the rights to do these functions, as long as they are done to meet the purpose. Restriction of granting right to 3rd parties is already included, so nothing special needs to be said about 3rd parties that help to reproduce, distribute, transmit, store on files or databases, make backup copies.
nysurf1Author Commented:
very good points and im ready to close this question , just one question to bota-x , how do i prevent the visitor to see the photos directory ?
I tryed to change the file permissions but im not sure what permissions should i have there (in this folder i am copying and deleting photos via the apache user).
I guess one simple solution will be just to add an index page to every folder but it sounds very easy to break .
Another option im thinking of is through the apache configuration rewrite mode .
Which do you recommend (or maybe something else ...)
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
1 - You should certainly put an index.htm in each and every directory, which would redirect the curious to some other place. A simple file to do that would be
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=">
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
This solution is instantaneous, and no special tuning is needed
2 - You may then work on some tuning, playing with access rights and/or mod_rewrite. Some trial and error and debugging "might" be needed.
Along the rights you may consider:
= allow access to these image files just from the server itself. This can be enforced just by access rights (ideally, like a chmod 400 allowing read access just to owner, and no access to group or other users- but depending on your web server setup, it might be necesssary to allow group access, ie like chmod 440) and/or by a mod-rewrite based on referrer
= if your modules access to the files as files (with fully qualified directory path) and not as http hyperlinks, block access to the directory thru .htaccess, making forbidden any direct access to the directory thru a browser/ apache.
Yah, just create an index.html whenever your script creates a gallery.  It can be 0 length.
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