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Examining a DLL's interface


I once saw a program which can be used to examine the interface offered by a DLL.  Has anyone got a link to that program?  Does Visual Studio got a program which does this?  I have VS 2003?

2 Solutions
This program will do exactly what you said: http://www.aisto.com/roeder/dotnet/. There is even an Add-On that will allow you to export the source as a visual studio project. This program will work with VS 2003 and VS 2005 (.net 1.x and .net 2.0)
ba272, if you are talking of assemblies then you could use the reflector, which strickdd posted.
or are you talking of dll's written in c or c++?
If this is related to your previous question, this is general way.
Try to find any information in the WEB about this Dll - maybe there are code samples of using it.

Other information:

1. Is this .NET Assembly?
Try to add it as reference to any C# project. If this works - you have all it's interface available in the Object Browser.

2. Is this COM Dll?
Try to register it using  regsvr32 <dll name>
If it is registered successfully, this is COM Dll. You can see it's interface in the OleView.exe program, which comes with Visual Studio. You can do this also using VB6 - add reference to Dll to any project, and see interface in the Object Browser.

3. What functions are exported from Dll? Using dumpbin.exe command line tool which comes with Visual Studio, execute command:
dumpbin /EXPORTS <dll name>

4. Runtime Dll dependences:
dumpbin /IMPORTS <dll name>

Post results of these tests here.

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