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AIX shell script loop and move

I need a shell script for AIX unix that will let me specifiy a starting directory and then loop through all the sub-directories and files and move them according to the sub-directory they were located in.  For example.

If I start in a directory named "tommy" and I have three sub-directories named "a", "b", and "c" then I want to move all the files located in "a" to a specific folder name "newfoldera", and so forth.  Keep in mind, one of the sub-directories could also have a sub-directory in itself so the script would need to be recursive. Thanks in advance for the help on this!
2 Solutions
I guess a number of ways

imagine we had a variable

ND = "/mydir/new"

firstly, there is cp and with cp you can specify -r

cd $SD
cp -r * $ND

I dont have my unix box handy, I dont even know if its available on AIX Unix

another is find, trying to remember my syntax

cd $SD
find . -print | cpio -pmvd $ND

another is tar

cd $SD
tar cvf /tmp/flist *
cd $ND
tar xvf /tmp/flist

for testing purposes, dont delete until u know its fine
then when u do, just issue

cd $SD
rm -rf *

find tommy -print | sed -ne '/a\//s#\(.*\)/\(a/\)\(.*\)#mkdir \1/newfolder\2;mv & \1/newfolder\2\3#p'

if that returns what you want, simply add
to execute it

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