Applet paramenter help

hello there,

i have this applet code from sun java demo folder and want to know what does the code do.can anybody explain.

<applet code=ImageMap.class width=684 height=71>
      <param name=img value="images/7224.jpg">
      <param name=highlight value="brighter30">
      <param name=area1 value="SoundArea,260,180,120,60,audio/">
      <param name=area2 value="NameArea,260,180,120,60,Hi!">
      <param name=area3 value="HighlightArea,260,180,120,60">
      <param name=area4 value="NameArea,265,125,45,20,That is my right eye">
      <param name=area5 value="HighlightArea,265,125,45,20">
      <param name=area6 value="NameArea,335,130,45,20,That is my left eye">
      <param name=area7 value="HighlightArea,335,130,45,20">
      <param name=area8 value="HrefButtonArea,200,7,210,300,">
      <param name=area9 value="RoundHrefButtonArea,60,0,100,120,example2.html">
      <param name=area10 value="SoundArea,425,98,27,27,audio/">
      <param name=area11 value="NameArea,425,98,27,27,Chirp!">
      <param name=area12 value="HighlightArea,425,98,27,27">
      <param name=area13 value="ClickArea,0,0,522,486">
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
could be anything, the applet can access them using its getParameter() method. WHat it does with them is up to the applet
My guess is they define area on the applet and the action associated with it.


Have a look at the source to see what they do with the values got from calling getParameter()
It's an image map. You can click on various parts of the image and get messages/sounds played
zolfAuthor Commented:

can you tell me what are those things in the param tag.
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>>can you tell me what are those things in the param tag.

They define regions on the image map and also sound files to play when the mouse is moved over various hotspots
Can you tell me why you accepted that answer please zolf ?
zolfAuthor Commented:

the answer object provided was to very clear also he mentioned how i can find the parameters in the applet class by looking for getParameter() and since i am still new to java,it helped me to understand those things in a much better way.
what you were telling me was straight forward which i also knew,but he went into details.
if you would have given me that answer i would have given you the points.

i am sorry to disappoint you.

>>the answer object provided was to very clear

>>could be anything

Didn't seem to be to me
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