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I currently have a proxy (boarder) authentication prompt me for a username and password every time I access the internet via Internet Explorer V6 running on Windows XP professional.

Is it possible to place the username and password somewhere in WINXP so it automatically remembers the information and does not display a prompt for this information?

Cheers mate
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Here is an illistrated may help, I need more information of your internet setup there Chad.
Web Proxy Server
Instructions for: Internet Explorer (IE) 6 for Windows XP
Are you on a lan or domain or a single user?
You may have some settings in IE and Outlook express.
Are you using outlook express as your email client?
In the tools of Outlook express  click on your account name then properties>check the servers>untick both my server requires authentication and log on using secure password close Outlook expres.

To configure security zone settings in IE6
On the Tools menu, click Internet Options,
check use defaults.
 click the Security tab.
Click a security zone to select it and view its current settings.
As necessary, change the following settings:
Security level. To change the security level for the selected zone to High, Medium, Medium-low, or Low, move the slider. The on-screen description for each level can help you decide which level to select.
In the connections settings tick auto detect.
 Setting Up Security Zones

Understanding the Web Proxy and Firewall Client Automatic Configuration
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