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i am using outlook 2003. when i begin to type information into the " to" area where you enter the recipients address, it prefills. This is the cached data. I would like to clear this data, for it prefill to old addresses i have delteded from my address book.
as a result.... if i type adam..... i get too many choices...., but none are those in the address book..., for i previously typed them in.

can this cache be cleared...?

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Naser GabajConnect With a Mentor E&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
Greetings intelogent,

You can clear the entire list by finding and deleting the file with the extension of .nk2. If you want to clear just one or two names, as you start to type and a bad address comes up, use the arrow keys to highlight it and then click teh delete key on the keyboard.


Good Luck!

intelogentAuthor Commented:
luck has nothing to do with it...... you nailed it
intelogentAuthor Commented:
what about in other areas of cashed responses... for instance, when i bring up remote desktop... i have unwanted prefills in the " computer field"... no one has been aable to figure out how to loose them,,,,,,,,

but it is on pointhere...can u figure it out...?
Naser GabajE&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
>>but it is on pointhere...can u figure it out...?
Sorry i didn't get you, what you mean?
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