My Minolta Dimage G500 battery was shot, so I ordered a new one from Ebatts.  I used the new one for about 3 minutes and my camera died.  Nothing works.  Even worse, the SD card says there are no pictures, and that the card is unformatted.  The original battery is 3.7v 780mah; the new battery is 3.7v 850mah.  Could the difference smoke my camera?

Also, is there any way to salvage the pictures on the SD card, or are they gone forever?
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
"... Could the difference smoke my camera? " ==> NO !!  Absolutely not.  The batteries have the same voltage;  the mah ratings are simply total capacity ratings -- NOT "milliamps", but "milliamp-hour" ratings.   For example, 780mah means you could draw 780 ma for 1 hour;  or 390 mah for 2 hours; or 78 ma for 10 hours; etc.   850mah simply indicates slightly more total capacity.  You could use a 50000mah battery if you wanted, as long as it was a 3.7v battery (although that would clearly be an external battery !!).    (Before some purist points out that battery discharge is not quite so linearly pure, I am well aware of Peukert's equation)

"... is there any way to salvage the pictures on the SD card ..." ==>  Probably.   It's unlikely that any write issues associated with the power problems with the camera wrote over the card;  they more likely just trashed the header info.   I haven't had the need to do this, so haven't used either of these, but here are two programs that should work:

   (1)  This one's free:  http://www.snapfiles.com/get/smartrecovery.html

   (2)  This one's not free, but does have a demo download that will show you what it can recover before you actually pay for the program, and it's specifically focused on SD cards, so if SmartRecovery doesn't work, I suspect this will:

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Your camera needs to be repaired.  2 batteries not working?  That's a sign of the power component in the camera faulting, especially with a new battery.

What tells you that your SD card is unformatted?  The camera? or do you have a card reader that displays the files you have on the card?

As for picture salvaging, depends on what state the camera was in when it wrote the data to the SD card.
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
Card reader on my pc says the card needs to be formatted.

Could the difference in milliamps have toasted the camera?
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
"Could the difference in milliamps have toasted the camera?"
If you are referencing the battery...that I wouldn't know.  Was your battery replacement for the camera EXACT?  Ideally, you want to get the SAME battery as what was originally supplied.
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
GARYCASE, you're a stellar fellow!
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Thanks ... glad to be of assistance :-)
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