VMWare Virtual to Physical

Does anyone know if there is a method by which I can convert a virtual machine (2003) to a physical machine and have it detect all hardware? I'm thinking I could just make sure I have all the appropriate chipset, RAID card, and other drivers installed before I migrate.

Has anyone had experience with this?

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Big ways I see right off the bat:
1.  Ghost from virtual to .GHO file to Physical, intact, without changes - see what happens and if it works
2.  Same as above, but before shutting down for the last time on the virtual PC, change the HDD adapter to "PCI Standard IDE Controller".
3.  Sysprep with "injected" HDD drivers in the Sysprep.inf file
Well i have never tried what u r looking for but just one thing u have to make sure is that the hardware should be same as where its running as virtual machine. Windows 2003, won't even boot if the basic hardware changes.

the most appropriate step is to do the Sysprep, the following link explains you how to do sysprep, its a nice tool and i have tested it and it just works perfect:


the link is actually for winXP but it just follows the same steps for win2003 as well...

After that u have to ghost the system using Nortron Ghost Utility but if u have another Win2003 system then u can use RIS (Remote Installation Services) . This allows u to create the image and then install the image using RIS server. RIS might be an extra work for u but I would say if u have GHOST then give a try with that first.

If you have GHOST 8 or higher then u can install the Server Console on one system and the client on the Windows 2003 in the windows mode. After the clinet is installed and detects the Server console it will shut itself down and start the ghosting.

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The big advantage of the VM is that it's easy to try all of these things - just duplicate the virtual machine's single disk file as backups.  :)  

2003 will boot with hardware changes - the only issue is the HAL (if that changes, you're typically outta luck) and the hard disk controller (which can be fixed in lots of different ways).  Other than that, chipset, motherboard, sound, video, etc. - that can be changed at will.  The first bootup won't be pretty (have driver CDs standing by, or better yet, pre-copy them to the VM disk file) but it can be made to work.

So, how far u been trying to image the Win2003 from Vmware....???

Any success, throught the information being posted by me... and others...
There is a product by a company called Big Bang and it's called UIU - Universal Imaging Utility.. incorparates Sysprep with a huge driver database ;)

There is also driverpacks.net too
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