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HELP! I am very frustrated!

In the past I have run several websites and have tried several marketing schemes to get people to come to the sites. Let me list what I have done and then ask my question:

1. Google Pay-per-click
2. Meta-tags
3. Posting on open forums
4. Spidering
5. Paying to have my site posted on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Etc.
6. Paying for advertising my site in blue at the top of a search engine, such as, Google and Yahoo.
7. Posting on website forums that come up first in a Google search.
8. Using expensive software for posting your site in search engines.

I have tried several different methods to get my site out there as you can see and the results have always been minimal.

Could you please advise me into what else I could do or what I am doing wrong?

I know the sites I have are professional and products and services people want. I just cannot generate the traffic I want using the current methods I listed above?

Can you help?
Frustrated Webmaster/Hosting service.
3 Solutions
Have a look at the keywords you are attempting to rank for, this is a vital first stage in natural web marketing.

Check the following post on SEO Strategies.


On you r points listed

1 - not my area of expertise, i favour natural SEO Techniques. This though is a good way to get the traffic to you
2 - Not really used any more by Search Engines.
3 - Will not reallygain all that much traffic
4 - Not sure what you mean by this
5 - You dont really need to pay to get traffic
6 - With point 1
7 - Are these forums relavent to your product, are you spamming the forums but dont know??
8 - You dont need to use expensive software for gaining ranks positions etc.

One other strategy. Post on free directories.

Also dont always focus on the big 3, the above link is a wealth of search engines and free directories.

Hope I am of help if not post another question to us...

1. Get sales page analysed
A) Posting on open forums/Ppc - This is a good thing to do. Even after this (and point 6), if you are not getting good results then it is not because of web promotion efforts . It is because of your page. It must not be sales oriented, action oriented. Get your website analysed keeping in mind the sales and not seo.
B) Software - Never send a software to do a man's job. Alrite there are a few good softwares but if you do not use them properly then they can do more harm then good. Also softwares that claim 1xxxx site submission to engines and directories are not worth it anymore.

2. Give some time for seo
Remember if your site is new then it will take time in building a good rank position. Keep working on your site and it's content and meanwhile get some incoming links. This will help you in improving your rank.

looking at your problem i can only deduce that your link texts and your advertisements are not attractive enough. if you can send me your advertisement texts and other materials on google and yahoo, i can help you mend them to attract traffic.
also, merely placing ads on google adwords doesnt help. you need to work hard with optimising your keywords and bids. check your adwords account, put more time in writing your ads and the traffic will come.
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Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
Who's your core audience, and how do they usually find out about whatever things are on your website?

I bought a book at borders which shows you how to market your sight and help yourself in a weekend of work... Did it on my sight and saw dramatic change... Will get the book title when I go home tonight....

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