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I have a client on a Windows XP computer however we have given all the users Limited (User Restricted) accounts to use. There is a need for one of the users to be able to atleast view (double click on the time in the system tray) the time and the date on the computer. Is there a registry edit i can change to allow a user under a limited account to be able to edit the time and the date and view it ?


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You cannot set the date, time, or time zone on your computer:


Microsoft Windows XP - Change the system time:

How to tell which type of account you're using now
If you're using Microsoft Windows XP, an easy way to tell whether you're using a Limited User or Administrator user account is to move your pointer over the clock on the bottom right of your screen. Right-click the clock, and then click Adjust Date/Time.

• If you're using a Limited User account, you will get a message reading "You do not have the proper privilege level to change System Time."
• If you are using an Administrator account, a small window will open with controls that enable you to change the time and date on your computer.

In compmgmt.msc - groups - I added my limited users to the Power Users group
gisvpnAuthor Commented:
Hey sramesh2k thanks i think this answer the question, i'll try it out :)

Hey FriarTuk, not sure what you mean in your post, im not trying to find out if we are using limited accounts or not, i would like to know how to access the time under a user account with a possible registry edit :)


gisvpnAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info !
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