UPDATE instead of INSERT for MySQL table

I currently have code that inserts a new record into my database. I need to modify it to update a record where the id matches. I need help with the proper syntax.

I currently have:

INSERT INTO order_ord (id_ord, amount_ord, taxes_ord, shipping_ord, currency_ord, date_ord, status_ord, ordernumber_ord, firstname_ord, lastname_ord, email_ord, streetaddress_ord, city_ord, state_ord, country_ord, zip_ord, details_ord)
          VALUES ('$ordernumber', '$ordertotal', '$taxtotal', '$shipping', 'USD', '$orderdate', 'Confirmed', '$ordernumber', '$firstname', '$lastname', '$email', '$street1', '$city', '$state', '$country', '$zip', '$orderdetails')

I need to rewrite it to UPDATE order_ord WHERE id_ord == SESSION_ID

Can anybody help?

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RoonaanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
UPDATE order_ord SET amount_ord='$ordertotal', .., .. WHERE id_ord = $ordernumber

if your id_ord unique you can use this command it insert if it doesnt exists it adds or updated automatically...
replace order_ord set amount_ord='$ordertotal', id_ord=$ordernumber
UPDATE order_ord  SET amount_ord=$ordertotal, taxes_ord=$taxtotal, shipping_ord=$shipping, currency_ord='USD', date_ord='$orderdate', status_ord='Confirmed', ordernumber_ord=$ordernumber, firstname_ord='$firstname', lastname_ord='$lastname', email_ord='$email', streetaddress_ord='$street1', city_ord='$city', state_ord='$state', country_ord='$country', zip_ord='$zip', details_ord='$orderdetails' WHERE id_ord='$SESSION_ID'

Here i left off ' ' around the variable if it was to be treated as a number instead of a string.  If your SESSON_ID (which i treated as a variable $SESSION_ID) is not a string take off the ' ' around it.  It will prob end up looking like this in your code.

$result = $conn->query("UPDATE order_ord  SET amount_ord=$ordertotal, taxes_ord=$taxtotal, shipping_ord=$shipping, currency_ord='USD',"
                    ." date_ord='$orderdate', status_ord='Confirmed', ordernumber_ord=$ordernumber, firstname_ord='$firstname',"
                    ." lastname_ord='$lastname', email_ord='$email', streetaddress_ord='$street1', city_ord='$city', state_ord='$state',"
                    ." country_ord='$country', zip_ord='$zip', details_ord='$orderdetails' WHERE id_ord='$SESSION_ID'");
if (DB::isError($result))
  echo "Query failed.";
  // whatever else you have in mind
$aryValues = array('id' => $id_ord,
                             'amount_ord' =>$amount_ord,

$sql = "update order_ord set "
foreach($aryValues as $key=>$val) {
   if ($key == 'id') continue;
   $sql .= $key . "='" . convertType($val)  . "',";
$sql = substr($sql, 0, strlen($sql)-1);
$sql .= " where id_ord='" .$aryValues['id'] . "'";
// execute your query

function convertType($x) {
// format your data type
// Your code

Is that right?

Hopes this help

befidledAuthor Commented:
I'm still in the process of evaluating the solution that will work best. Please don't abandon.
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