Need help on getting rid of service errors

Hello everyone

Ok another sbs 2003 server, for the longest time the "server performance report" keeps showing 4 services that are not running. they are ...

Intel Alert Handler
Intel Alert Originator
Intel File Transfer
Intel PDS

Now I'v tried to turn them on but nothing is happening. Can someone please fill me on what they are for and a solution to keeping them on if absolutly required?
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1. Intel alert handler - The hndlrsvc.exe process will run in the background and notify you when you receive correspondance (e.g. when you receive an email). If you find this utility useful you should leave this process running. Otherwise, it can be terminated.

2. AMS Intel Alert Originator fails to start
Resolution: The problem is due to corruption of the IAO log file (IAOLOG.DAT). This caused errors when the IAO service read in the log file during startup. Further research indicates that the corruption was caused by simultaneous writes to the log due to heavy alerting activity. Updated to a newer release of IAO.exe (and related AMS/PDS routines), which prevents corruption of the IAO log file by synchronizing access to the file.

3. Intel File Transfer - Part of Intel's LANDesk Management Suite 6 and the Common Base Agent (CBA) - used for communicating between the core server and managed clients.  

4. Intel PDS listens for ping packets from servers. It responds with a pong packet containing information on how to communicate with RTVScan. Intel PDS listens on port 38293/UDP for ping packets.

None of this stuff is needed for the server to run properly.
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