Need to replace hard drive. Unsure with what though.

  I am repairing a Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop. The Hard Drive on this died. It is a Seagate 40GB Momentus Model # ST94811A. I Found a replacement Drive on Newegg here: its practically the same specs but It has a different model #: ST94813A. I am not use to repairing laptops and realize the i/o connecters on the drive are different that desktop hard-drives. How do I know the one on newegg will fit?

   Thanks in Advance!
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The drive you've linked to will work fine.   Both use the same interface -- and that's all that matters here.   There's a drive cage on the Dell you'll have to remove from the old drive and attach to the new -- but that's easy to do.

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... a bit more detail:   Most laptops use 2.5" ATA drives => including the Inspiron 5150.   Some newer laptops use SATA drives; and most "ultra-portables" use 1.8" drives, which come with at least two different physical interfaces.   Fortunately, you're not dealing with any of the latter cases; so the drive you've linked to is fine.   You could also (and when you're replacing a drive that's the time to consider it) buy either a larger drive, or a faster (7200 rpm) drive.  

For example:


    Faster (& larger):
MechX2Author Commented:
I Apprieciate the great reply. Thanks for explaining and giving me the links to other compatible drive. Take Care.
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