Exchange 2003 RPC on one SBS 2003 server.

Is it possible to connect remotely from outlook 2003 via RPC/HTTP to Exchange server 2003 without having both a front end server and back end server. Can I use just one server?  Thanks
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With my "expert" hat on.

Perfectly possible to deploy RPC over HTTPS without ISA or a frontend. Microsoft just like you to jump through hoops.
You have to make the registry changes yourself. The sites above list them, as does my own web site at

Get it working inside first, before you step outside.
You will also have a better success rate if you use a purchased SSL certificate rather than a home grown certificate. Use a trial certificate from RapidSSL to get yourself started.

Computerguy107Author Commented:
Thanks Simon for the the advice and the link. I will give it a go.
I am just curious what information I did not provide that did not answer your question>

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