many external mail address and single profile

Hi I am running exchange server 2003 with 500 users with 150 external mails
So the case I have some users how have 3 external mail address

Login name for window

And he must check every day this external mail from outlook acount

And this is my topology

Internet----exchangeserver_fornt_end_server_dmz----------exchangeserver _back_end-------client_outlook

So what is the best configuration for this case and i want to do this in single profile ((
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aa230002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Please correct me if i have misunderstood your requirement.
You have 1 user account in Active Directory with a mailbox in your Exchange server with email address (
my first question - Are these 3 additional SMTP addresses represent 3 additional mailboxes in Exchange or just 3 additional SMTP addresses added to the same user/mailbox?

In case, they are just 3 additional SMTP addresses, all mails addressed to all these 4 email addresses will be delivered to a single mailbox in Exchange and can be accessed by a single Outlook profile.

In case, they are 3 additional mailboxes in Exchange, you need to use "open Additional Mailbox" option in Outlook profile to open all 4 mailboxes (1 + 3) at the same time.

while creating your outlook profile, click on "more settings" button and go to "Advanced" tab and then, add additional mailboxes that you want to open with this MAPI (outlook) profile.

Amit Aggarwal.
khaled_mctAuthor Commented:
thank u i get it
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