Search engines have become so commercial, if I do a search on "free pattern dog raincoat" I get so many results with the word "free"

buried somehow in the url, but I'm taken to a commercial site only. How can I perform a search so that I really get "free patterns" only, and not someone trying to sell me something?
 I use Google, amazon a9.,  mamma, altavista, yahoo, etc.

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The short answer is that there's no single 'right' way to do this.  You basically have to use the drilling method.  Start with a generic search, look for any site remotely close to what you're looking for and use that information to add or remove search terms until you find exactly what you're looking for.  

A prime example is that you didn't mention the type of pattern.  "dog clothing patterns" may turn up better initial results to use to drill down.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Have you tried searching for:

"free pattern" dog raincoat
go to
Click "Advanced Search" (beside the SEARCH button)

In "Find Results" theres a "Without the words" field.

Fill in the words that you DON'T want to see, like "Toll" (to get rid of the word "Toll Free") and "eBay" (to eliminate ebay sales), etc.

When ever you find a search word thats more suited to commercial sites than free ones, add that word to your list to enter in the "Without the words" field.

Good luck.
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or simply put '-' in front of words you dont want to see...

or in front of phrases like this :
-"free stuff"

or in front of sites you dont want like:

Use exactly your search pattern

and you'll get lots or relevant results,
at least I do.
"lots or relevant results" should be

"lots of relevant results" ; )

"free pattern" dog raincoat

you may also search for

free-pattern dog raincoat

(in Google)
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