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I just started using ASP to pull Active Directory info to web interfaces.  I recently ran across some code that pulled users and groups.  However, I noticed that it only pulls Security groups and will not pull Distribution groups.  Can anyone help with pulling the Distribution groups.  I have seen a lot of LDAP code that is suppose to do so, but I don't want to do a bunch of recoding unless there is no other option.  Takes away from my scooter riding time... :-)
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aa230002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont know ASP, but can give you an example of CSVDE with LDAP query.

CSVDE -f FAX.csv -d "dc=microsoft,dc=com" -s <dc_name> -r "(&(objectClass=*)(groupType=8))" -l "GivenName,name,displayName,mail,l,co,company"

Please customize the query according to your requirement. You can run this from the command line and CSVDE is available with Windows Support Tools.

Amit Aggarwal.
Use the groupType attribute to identify a Distribution Group from Active Directory.
groupType = 8 (Universal Distribution Group)
groupType: -2147483646 (Global Security Group)

Amit Aggarwal.
cisdoz2Author Commented:
Can you give me an example of this in ASP code?
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