Restore Windows 2003 DC and Exchange 2003 into a lab

Hi...I would like to build a lab that including the Windows 2003 DC and Exchange 2003 server. I would also prefer to use the VMware to restore these two systems into one physical server. I will use the same type device as the production environment with Veritas backup exec.

What will be the steps to restore the DC, specially for the Exchange 2003 server?


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Do basic install of OS into VMWARE, install Backup Exec, do authoritative restore, do exchange restore.  I am not a VMWARE expert, but you might be able to take images of servers or other tasks to speed process outside of BE approach.

Recovery DC details

Exchange Recovery Document ID: 243297

Regarding the VMWare statement...There is such a thing called VMWare P2V that will help with this.
...and to add on something.
...never, ever ever ever let those servers touch an active production network.
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