Best free way to create ISO's


I need to create an ISO from a disk image.

I have nero 7 premium but it appears that it only makes nrg files and I need it to be ISO format.

I havent got much time to play around with different software, so can someone either tell me how to create an ISO with Nero 7 premium, or refer me to a piece of free software to use.


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Hi bryanford,

I think you are confused with this discussion. Forget everything discussed above for 2 minutes and see below


If i am right, you have got a Virtual CD emulation software which requires .iso file of the original CD for mounting virtual CD. But in Nero dropdown list while creating CD image you are not getting .iso file format to choose from. So you want this problem to be solved.


1. You continue using your nero and don't go for any other burning softwares.
2. Just remove your currently installed virtual drive emulation software which doesnot support .nrg
3. Install Daemon Tools CD/DVD emulation FREEWARE software as your new virtual drive emulation software which supports .nrg including many other cd image formats. You can download this software from here
and read details here:
4. Now everytime you want to create CD image, create .nrg instead of .iso and use that image in Daemon tools for emulation
CD image creation tutorial available at this site: 
NOTE: Don't worry about the CD image format as both types are sector-by-sector copy of your original cds. Both will have bootable information if your original CD has got one.


1. You continue using your nero and create .nrg image file
2. Download this tiny .nrg to .iso conversion software FREEWARE from here
3. Convert your .nrg file created into .iso using this software
4. You can continue using your old virtual cd emulation software along with created .iso


1. When Nero asks for a filename for the image, click on the "Save as type" dropdown it should list both *.nrg and *.iso. If *.iso is not listed, then it is evident that for some types, Nero will only create an NRG. For other types, it will create either.

2. All CD Image formats will hold the original CD boot info from which image was created as it is a sector-by-sector copy of the original CD. If original CD itself is not bootable then even the .iso or any type image created is strictly non-bootable

Hope this would help you :)
I am a bit unsure what form your disk image is in.  However here aer two solutions one of which should work.

If the file in in .iso you can download a free (shareware) program that will burn iso file.

The other will create an iso from most any type of program and then burn it. You can download a trail version of this program and use it for files of less than 300 MB.

Here is a link that describes how to create an iso with nero:

I think I have covered most of the bases here.  For some reason if this does not solve the problem please respond with a bit more information as I have other options.  This is a problem I have had a few times so I do have several different solutions

Scott J. Lloyd
Since You Already Have Nero, Theres No Point In Getting Any Other Software, In Order To Make An ISO With Nero 7:

Select Image Recorder. Then A New CD-ROM Compilation. Drag The Data From The CD To The Compilation Window. When You "BURN" It Will Ask For A File Name And You CanChoose ISO From The Dropdown.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

bryanfordAuthor Commented:
Let me clarify what i want to do.

I want to create a set of ISO images to store on a hard disk so they can be mounted with a virtual cdrom program.

I need to create these ISO images from original cds i own.

When i try to burn it in nero, there is only .NRG in the drop down menu. I am wanting to do it using the "CD copy" option as the cds are bootable.

If nero cant do it, i want a freeware program to do it, not shareware because its for commercial use.

bryanfordAuthor Commented:
if i use the drag and drop method, i can write it to an ISO image, however i will lose my boot data.
FORGET NERO.  It is a "regulated" program full of errors and blockades linked to the regulatory alliance.

If you want to create ISOs, use WinISO, ISObuster, direct ISO or Magic ISO.

These are the BEST at creating bootable ISOs.  It is worth paying the small fee for them -- NERO is USELESS for ISOs.
bryanfordAuthor Commented:
nero has served be extremely well over the years, being able to write data cds playable in one of the first cd mp3 players i got, so i beg to differ.

The project is something small and something i dont want to have to go through the hell of getting manager approval and getting autority for credit cards and stuff.. its a nightmare. freeware is a must.
The best free tool I've ever found is ImgTool (freeware)
It works best in pair with ImgBurn
and DvdDecrypter
There's a good shareware tool, winimage, for creatign disk images of different types of media - boot floppies, CD ISOs, and probably thumb drives, though I haven't tried it for that yet.  It's not free forever, but is is for 30 days of use.

At This Time There Is No FREE ISO Manager/Editor That Will Retain The Original Boot Options. (There Are Ways To Add A Different Boot Option, Like YoungBonzi Pointed To)

The Best Free Tool That Will Allow You To Create ISOs Is CDBurnerXP Pro:

You Must Drag And Drop And Then Set It Bootable, It Won't Retain The Same Boot Options, But The Disk Will Be Bootable.

***If You Are Going To Be Editing ISO Images And Constantly Needing The Images To Retain Their ORIGINAL Bootable Form Use Scrathcyboy's Advice. I Must Agree With Scrathcyboy, Although Nero Is One Of The Best If Not The Best Burning Tools Available, Nero Loves Its Proprietary NRG Format. If You Like ISOs Don't Use Nero.***
I would suggest the free version of Deepburner(
bryanford couldn't use DeepBurner "because its for commercial use." - bryanford

"Please note! The DeepBurner Free version can be used for personal purposes only. No business or educational use is allowed for this version.
DeepRipper can be used by anyone for any legal reason without restriction.
Download Desktop Versions"

That means legally he couldn't use it without purchasing the pro version.
You could also use Alchohol 120% from Alchohol Soft.
This is the best in the best in the business, besides Nero.
Nero is more for burning in general, while Alchohol 120% specializes in
copying legit CDs (or "rented").

Another suggestion:

WinImage. It's a trial, but it will get the job done for sure.
bryanfordAuthor Commented:

solution B was the best easiest one. i dont mind passing it through an extra step.

for those who said i should use a different virtual cd app that supports nrg, i didnt because its not really a virtual cd, its microsoft virtual pc and it can only mount iso's in the virtual system.

i used the freeware app to convert the nrg and it worked great

thanks all,

Thank you :)
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