Combo box: Number of items viewable

I'm using eMbedded Visual C++ to make an application for  Pocket PCs.
I have added a combobox to a dialog and it contains over 100 selectable items. The problem is that whenever the user "drop down" the combobox it is only displayed two items.
I want the dropdown-menu to have as many viewable items as possible (maybe ten). How can I set the size of the dropdown-menu so that it displays more items?
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In Visual Studio 2005, you go into the resource editor. Then, click on the arrow for the combo box. When you do that, you'll be able to see the size of the box as it will be when the user drops it down. Then, you can re-size it. Clicking the arrow again toggles back to show the size when closed.

If you're using something besides Visual Studio 2005, it should be similar.

andhaugAuthor Commented:
Wow.. That simple.. I've spent hours without figuring it out.
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