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I have a user with XP and Outlook 2003, It's a new PC, when I connect Outlook to her account on exchange it doesnt download her mails, the inbox is blank she can send and recieve mails but I cant ge the old mails down.

Her PST was deleted so is there any way of getting the mails off exchange. When I go into system manager/Mailbox store/Mailboxes/username I can see her mail box as 174mbs in size.

Is there anyway????

Thanks. Joe
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mrenosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a utility called Exmerge and it will do what you want ( to export the emails from an account into a pst file ).
This is a tutorial that will help you on how to do that (
Also here is the link to download Exmerge (

Hope this helps...
can you click reconnect in the mailbox manager? Otherwise, try the mailbox recovery center under tools. Then after recovering try reconnecting again. btw, is she working in outlook cached mode?
maybe u should turn off (or on if it's off) cache if she's using that. In retrospect I guess the problem is client-side.
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joe90kaneAuthor Commented:
Cache mode is switched off but still no joy. If I go into mailbox recovery center and try to add her mailbox it doesnt pick up on her name or any other name for that matter, very strange and ideas??

you have to add the mailbox store to the recovery center first... :)
joe90kaneAuthor Commented:
OK I've added the mailbox store to the recovery center, not to sure what to do next???
Azhrei1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
joe, I don't know from the top of my head, would have to try myself, but I work on detachment basis for different companies, so I can't go messing around with their exchange server :S You can't do much wrong in the recovery center, so just try the most logical, or follow mrenos's link :)

I'm willing to look into it at home though, if u still have the problem. (got exchange for private use as well). Then I'll answer you in about 2-3 hours (gotta drive home in an hour from now ;)).

Hope u got it worked out already :)
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