Implementing Google Suggest on Flash

hello everyone, this is a very difficult question.
Does anyone know if it's possible to implement Google Suggest in a Actionscript application.
I'll explain better: I want to develope a flash based web application that enable users to enter a keyword and it return a set of possible relevant keywords.
An example of these types of application can be given here:
It seems quite difficult, because Google doesn't provide any API for the Suggest tool, but it seems to be possible, although I still haven't found out how.
I'll apreciate if someone can give me an help on this problem
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I believe you can do it ver yeasy in actionscript:

you just have to replace their XMLHTTP part with LoadVars and thats all. Of course it requires alot of server side scripting as well.
MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Hmm... I have to believe that google offers this through SOAP, or there has to be a similar WSDL service. Now Im curious.
MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
...finding out. I'll get back to you as soon as I have some info.
why is the grade C man?
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