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A user on our domain logged off her Windows 2000 machine Friday and all was well.  Upon logon this morning, all of her settings are gone. (Background, Shortcuts, Mail, My docs)  Upon further inspection, under the "documents and settings" folder a brand new profile has been created for her.  The old profile/folder named "jones" is still there under documents and settings and contains all of the missing data, but the machine does not seem to want to use that profile anymore.  The new profile/folder that she is being logged onto is named "jones.minn" with "minn" being our domain.  You can delete the "jones.minn" profile/folder and it wil be recreated the next time she logs in.  If you rename the old profile to "jones.minn" it does work, but I am leary of leaving it this way.  We don't use any type of roaming profiles and she is the only person that uses this machine.

So basically my question is, why did her machine all of a sudden stop using the profile it has been using for years and start creating a new one for her.

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shaharidzalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First thing to do is to transfer 'jones' data to another folder to be in a safe side. But this is how I do when same thing happen in my office.

1. Rename 'jones' old profile to 'jones1' or 'jones2' or whatever you like.
2. Delete 'jones.minn' profile
3. Get jones to relogin to the PC
4. Transfer back the data from 'jones?' folder.

-  Do not transfer everything in the profile as the problem might happen again. Just transfer from My Documents, Favourites, Desktop.
- Keep the old renamed profile for a one-two weeks untill 'jones' is happy nothing is missing.

PepfontanaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, that worked, but any idea what would cause this?
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