SATA Drive compatible with a SATA II controller??

Hi! I was thinking of upgrading my mobo, but didnt know if my current SATA HDD (Maxtor 250Gb) would be compatible with the new board im looking at which is SATA II (MSI K8N Diamond Plus). Thanks for your help! DanUrbanski.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should not have any problems attaching an SATA I drive to an SATA II controller - they are compatible.
danurbanskiAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks for that! So would i be able to put a SATA II drive in a SATA I controller then?? Thanks again! DanUrbanski.
If you put an SATA II drive in an SATA I controller, you should use the jumper to configure it as an SATA I drive - SATA II controllers are backwards compatible, but SATA I controllers can have difficulties with SATA II drives.  That's why the drive manufacturers provided the compatability jumper.
danurbanskiAuthor Commented:
Ahhh, i see! lol. Thanks for ure help! DanUrbanski.
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