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I am using Windows XP Pro Sp2 with Lotus Notes v 6.03 as my e-mail client. I have received several e-mails with winmail.dat file attachments which I cannot open. I have tried using WMDecode but I'm getting the following error message:
"This attachment is a MAPI 1.0 embedded message and is not supported by this mail system". Is there another application available that I can use to open these files or do I need to have the senders change format to plain text?  Please advise. Thank you.
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, PBWING2001 !

Winmail.dat comes from Outlook sent HTML emails.  Only other Outlook email clients can read such emails. All others will see the Winmail.dat attachment.  

The sender needs to send using Plain Text, or you need to read the HTML sent emails in Outlook.

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Or you can ask sender to change outbound mail format to mime in connection document of Domino Server.
actually, no worries in reference to those winmail.dat files.  They contain formatting, font and other information to ensure a consistant look and feel when messages go from one Outlook client in one environment to another Outlook client in a totally different environment.   And as stated before; nothing outside of Outllook uses this stuff.

oh...  and this stuff id embedded by default by Outlook; having the source user change personal configuration will no have any effect as far as i know.


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