Word print error 0007-0010-0045 ( Word 2000)

I've trying to print a document using MSWORD 2000 and I getting this particular error:

Word Print (0007-0010-0045) An error ocurred deleting the content of a range object.

I have not idea what is that mean ??. I'm printing from an application call Syspro. Syspro tech support told me that the problem is in word. We using a template in word in order to print a document from Syspro.

Any ideas ?????????????????  
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Greetings Yeru777..

I have a few possibilities for this issue that comes in mind..

1- It might be the Printer memory, in case the file you are printing is containing alot of pages then it's probably related issue to this..

2- Try to Uninstall the printer drivers, and update to the latest drivers..

3- Refresh or stop/disable the spooling service, restart your computer and start it, To do so ..

Click Start --> Run --> type services.msc and enter

the service console will appear --> scroll down to print spooler then doube click it, stop the service --> restart windows
I guess that by default windows will start the service, but you have to make sure and then do the same procedures to ensure of it's status..

4- Maybe a missing font's or unrecognized by the printer, try changing the font or makin sure that windows doesn't have any missing fonts.. do the following steps..

Goto Start --> Run --> type sfc /scannow and then a box will appear that performing the sfc check and will probably prompt you to insert windows XP CD, Insert it and wait till it finishes, then restart windows and try again..

Hope this helps..
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