SNMP Community String and Solar Winds

I have downloaded an installed an evalution version of Solar Winds. In the Network Performance Monitor module, i have opted to add a node. I have added the IP address of my server and it is asking me for a SNMP community string.

Can anybody tell me what this is and how I find out what value I need to enter in there? Basically, I want to use solar winds to monitor the network traffic for all the workstations and servers on our network.


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Easy7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
On Server you need to set the community strings by going to the services applet and setting the properties on the SNMP service. Under Agent set the types of services you'd like to monitor. Under Traps set your trap destination and community string. Under security, identify the hosts that will be connecting to your server and which community strings they will be authenticating with. Normally you will want to limit the stations that are allowed to connect to the server and query with SNMP. If you are only looking at reading values from the server then setup a READ ONLY community string, this should cover most setups.
RPPreacherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The default is 'public' (no quotes)
What kind of server are you running?
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This might help too, if you don't have SNMP installed on the workstations yet.
metamaticAuthor Commented:
I have made a little progress....

On a couple of XP workstations I have gone to Add windows components / management and monitoring tools and added Simple Network Management Protocol and WMI SNMP provider.

When i go to add an interface in solar winds I can set the SNMP community string as "public" and it finds my workstations.


When i do the same for one of my servers (2003 server standard, SP1) it will not connect.

Anybody got any ideas why the server is different??
metamaticAuthor Commented:
Cheers guys - all up and running now.
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