oracle forms 6i, how to display data thru combo box


I want to display a combo box on a form based on the field(based on a query) from the table. when the user selects a value, i call oracle reports and generate a report.

how do i do that??

I created a data block and added a list item with type combo box.but i keep getting this error..

FRM-30191: No list items defined for required poplist.
List listname
Item: ItemName

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mirko-iras-siConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

First set the following values to the list:

List style: Poplist
Elements in list: add one element with value 'X'
Mapping of Other Values: X
Initial value: empty
Required: No

Then in the program (when-new-form-instance trigger):


  CURSOR c_report_list IS
    [your query with report descriptions and file names];
  i number := 1;


Clear_list ('report_list');

  for r in c_report_list loop
          Add_list_element ('report_list', i, r.description, r.filename);
          i := i+1;
  end loop;

Set_item_property ('report_list', REQUIRED, PROPERTY_TRUE);
-- Omit next line if you want the list to be initially empty
:report_list := get_list_element_value('report_list', 1);


(I assume the poplist is called report_list)
I have a form with 15 list item's (more or less), every one of them has a very fast query behind, and none of them reach more than 20 elements, they usually have around 9 elements.

My problem is: the form is too slow! is there any property I can set up in order to get the form faster?

Database blocks of the form are pretty new, and they are almost empty, it were supposed to be fast.

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