rebooting server

this is what I ma getting in the logs?

type- error
event d-6008
description teh previous shutdown at 9:18am on 5/20 was unexpected

event id-7024
description- the tsm scheduler service terminated with specific error 4)ox4)

event id-20
description instillation failues- windows failed to install teh following update with error ox80070003 security update for windows server 2003(kb911562)

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
event id 20:  you had a windows update4 that didn't fully install.  i would rerun windows updates to see if you still need any updates.
event id 6008 :  the server booted.  perhaps it was from the windows updates?  you could check the timing and compare to see if that's the case.

if event 7024 is in the same timeframe, i would say that it was terminated due to an impending shutdown.
Hi zenworksb,

are you running WSUS or just normal windows updates? has this set of errors only occured once?
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
no it happens from time to time, and we are running wsus.
is the WSUS server logging anything?
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