Dell D610

Whenever I try to undock my laptop for the port replicator I get an error message stating " Cannot undock because com port 1 is in use". But there is nothing connected to the laptop besides a monitor and a usb keyboard and mouse. Any thoughts?
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into the device manager and click on the view tab at the top . Choose -->devices by connection   it should tell you what is connected to the COMport. If there is nothing connected in here, try disabling the comport in the bios.
this might think that the dock itself is plugged into com port 1 and/or the IR port.

i would check the bios to see if there are any settings pointed to com port 1 that should be changed or diabled.
ITHelper80Author Commented:
I checked the device manager and nothing was using com port 1, so I then disabled it in the BIOS and I can now undock the laptop Thanks!
You're welcome.
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