I have 2  host, veritas is installed on both host...

1) HP-UX
if i see the device
/dev/rdsk/c15t3d7      ...............

there is a pair of device withsame name, one contains /rdsk and other contain /vx/rdmp  what is the difference

2) Solaris host
if i see the device, i can see

both are same device, but on this host why can't i see the device in the format cCtTdD  format
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tfewsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) HP-UX
/dev/rdsk/c15t3d7 - The device file (Driver + path ["instance"]) that the operating system will use for direct I/O if the disk is not accessed via Veritas
/dev/vx/rdmp/c15t3d7 - The device file (Driver + instance) that Veritas will use for I/O. As Veritas does dynamic multi-pathing to devices with multiple "physical" paths (e.g. SAN disk that can be accessed via 2 different HBAs for resilience), this device file may merely be a convenient label for _all_ the paths.

2) Similar to above in terms of usage, but presented differently:
c5t50060482CB37BD83d1* - The name breaks down to ("scsi") Channel 5:World Wide Name of the device:slice number
This is more informative than an arbitrary label, as the WWN is unique to the device, so you can work out if it is seen down multiple paths (e.g. in the `format` utility)
/dev/vx/rdmp/NNN0_34s2 - A "friendly" label. The "NNN" probably indicates the type of storage; `vx disk list NNN0_34s2` will show you the "real" device files.
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