evaluate parameter .Attributes.Add("onchange" ....

.Attributes.Add("onchange" , "return(IFrameReload(this,'function_offices_details.aspx',Service));");

in my code when I run above statement it should evaluate Service parameter as a value and it evaluates as a string ... how can pass it as an actual value

This is what HTML Looks like:
<select name="OfficeList:LeftBox" onchange="return(IFrameReload(this,'function_offices_details.aspx',Service));">

This is what it should look like:

Service is dynamic parameter ... I tried to do Convert.ToInt32(Service) but it will actually pass Convert.ToInt32(Service) ...
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mirmansoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this

"return(IFrameReload(this,'function_offices_details.aspx'," & Service & "));");

TransBindAuthor Commented:
my my loosing my mind here
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