Invalid Back Web Application - Runner Error

Every time I satrt my desktop, I get a pop up message on my desktop that gives the message - Inavlid backweb application.  How can I solve this?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, GDTRFBtoo !

You have downloaded a program that contains spyware or adware. The spyware or adware has been removed but the program requires the spyware to be installed in order to run, without it you will get the Run Time error. This program runs on startup so you will have to uninstall the program that had the spyware associated with it.

Go to Start > Run and type "msconfig" and hit <enter>.  Go to "Startup" tab and scroll down and find the Backweb Agent and untick the box. Click Apply/Ok. Restart the computer and see if it helps

*Note: Backweb is an unneccessary program provided by HP/Compaq that sends information from your computer to the HP Centre. Some may consider this spyware and seeing as it has no effect on your computer whatsoever, it is safe to disable from the Startup options.

If you still cannot find the program do a search for files that contain the word "Backweb"

Best wishes!
start -settings - control panel - add/remove programs -- search the list for backweb, and uninstall it.

If no luck, search the registry for "backweb" and remove all occurrences of the key or values that specify this program.  Backup the registry first, start, run, regedit, file, export registry, save it as a file name.
A good program to detect this would be Hijack this. Along with Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy.
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