OWA Three login prompts/"The Folder can't be displayed"

I have an OWA problem where, when any account access OWA, they get three
login prompts.

The email does display in the background but any changing the viewed
folder results in those three login prompts again.

An attempt to delete a message results in those three prompts and then
the user gets a popup "Some items can't be deleted.  They were either
moved, already deleted, or access was denied."
Then the inbox no longer displays any messages, instead showing "The
folder can't be displayed. You don't have permission to perform this

Closing and reopening IE clears that message and we're back to original
three prompts issue.

OWA doesn't work on Firefox at all with the users getting "Local
Security Authority could not be contacted".

I'm running Exchange 2003 on Server 2003.  This testing is occuring on
machines inside my firewall.
I'm running 128bit SSL with Integrated and Basic authentication checked,
though OWA was displaying the same symptoms prior to going to ssl.

Public folders, also under ssl, work fine.  They have anonymous access
enabled and work under both IE and Firefox.

This problem duplicates the issue at
but that is referring to problems with the public folders.  

I've performed the steps at
with no luck.

Same with the steps at:

Now - this was a clean load of Windows 2003 that I installed Exchange
2000 on.  OWA didn't work then either for either the exchange or public
folders.  I upgraded to Exchange 2003 and SP2 and now the public folders
work and exchange showing the messages.

Any advice would be welcome.  
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The one license isn't an issue. Simply use an evaluation version.
The same name isn't an issue either - if you do a swing migration then the users will follow their email. The trick is ensuring that both the old and standby servers are available the first time that the users login.

The area that you are having problems with (OWA) is what struggles to work when you try to install Exchange 2000 on to Windows 2003. As you have come from an unsupported scenario, I think you are going to have to live without Windows authentication until a reload. Microsoft will not help because it was an unsupported configuration.

darious777Author Commented:
A few more symptoms -

When I access OWA when my network account is logged into the LAN, it works fine.

If I turn on Allow Anon and Basic Authentication but turn off Integrated Windows, Firefox works as does IE.

If I leave Allow Anon on and turn on Integrated Windows, firefox stops working and IE stops bothering to ask for credentials - loading my account straight up even when I'm not logged into the machine under my account.

Can I clarify something above....

You said...

"...this was a clean load of Windows 2003 that I installed Exchange 2000 on."

Did you really mean Exchange 2000 on Windows 2003?

If so, that isn't supported and is likely to be the cause of the problems.
If you inplace upgraded to Exchange 2003 then I would still expect the problems to be there, due to the way that the upgrades work.

The best advice I can give you is to rebuild the machine with Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003. You will then find that it works correctly.

You should also disable anonymous on your public folders. At the moment, anyone can browse your public folders, as that is the first authentication method checked. You should have either anonymous or basic/integrated etc. Not both. With anonymous enabled, no authentication will be attempted, unless you are denying access to the anonymous account.

darious777Author Commented:
I agree - a reload would probably fix everything, but Another reload is not feasible with the limited amount of time I have before a large number of my users head off for a month.  Also I only have one license and I don't look forward to either reloading and keeping the same Exchange name (which caused problems for me earlier) or changing the Exchange name and dealing relocating my user's mailboxes.

Further work today showed that it's only Windows integrated that is causing the problem.  OWA is working with 128bit SSL and basic authentication.  
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