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      I am look for some kind of software which gives me the capabilites of Windows Remote Desktop. I currently have PCanywhere. However, that program takes control away from the other user when they are using I need a software which will not take control of the user which is locally logged into the machine. Something such as what Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop. Can anyone please recommend any piece of software which would be good for this situation.

                                                Thank You
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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use TightVNC -- it is based on the free VNC standard, but has much better encryption, and both people can use the mouse and keyboard at the same time.  It is great, I would not use PC anywhere after using this program, also can log in across the internet with more security than the others.  
And here is the link, it is easy to install the server on their systems, and the listener on your system --
Here is a list of other VNC options available.
For Paid services,, and has good services.
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you can try logmein web enabled remote login application

Gotomypc costs, but it is very good indeed.  The program does not need any changes to be made to Firewalls.
Ah, but... it does take control of your pc, so won't meet your requirement.  

You want to look at setting up a VPN.
One that we use at work is LANDesk - this is a fully featured proxy program which allows the user to do what they want. It centralises all PC's in one location so that they are easy to find and use. You can run reports on who was last logged into the pc, and even find out the specs of each PC in your network. Of course you got to pay for this.

Otherwise, if you have a small network of 30-40 users, RealVNC ( ) is more than enough for your needs.
You could try Remote Administrator.
It offers
1. Remote Viewing
2. Remote Control (Without the user losing his desktop, optionally you could also lock the user's mouse & K'board))
3. File Transfer
4. Telnet session

On the security fron the Server end can be configured to ask for a user defined password or NT authentication.
It costs, but is worth it.

Check out the following link for more
I would recomend WebEx ( Its a web based software which doesn't require you to open any ports in your network. It lets the other user also to work while you have taken control. It also will let you "login as" some other user which can help you to take control of a user while he has logged in as non-Admin user and you can login as Admin to get the full rights.
Good Luck!
I like dameware mini remote/dameware utilities.

Most remote access programs can be configured as to whether the keyboard/mouse control is taken away from the user or shared etc - I would have thought pc anywhere has this feature?
or do you mean to have multiple sessions from the same pc?

Have a look at RealVNC.

Pretty sure its Open Source so its free and its very good. We use it on our network at work and works beautifully.

We use it over our internal network 50 pc and also over the internet to external sites.


Maybe I am miss reading the question but it sounds to me like he wants the local and the remote user to both be using the computer independently from one another not sharing the same desktop like VNC, WebEx and PCAnywhere.

If that is the case then it depends on the operating system. If it is Windows 2000/2003 server then Terminal Services would be the best choice but it isn't third party. If it is Windows XP then there isn't much you can do. This feature was actually enable in beta version of XP SP2 but was removed in the final build.

More info can be found here:
but --"Something such as what Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop."

That is TightVNC and similar ones, not terminal services -- although terminal services would work too.
vreyesiiAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for all the help.
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