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Motherboard i915ga-plf southbridge HOT

i was under the impression that south bridges remain fairly cool and from my experience they have. Currently i am building a intel platform pc and its all completely just waiting on the HD to ship here and i was testing power up and updating bios and i noticed that the south bridge on my i915 board is VERY HOT. IF i put my finger against it and hold for 5+ seconds its VERY close to unbearable after only a minute or so of being on and idling. Now i tried the same thing with the computer im posting on which is an soltek motherboard which has been on all day and the south bridge is warm but not to the point where it might burn me.

i was wondering does the new i915ga-plf board simply run hotter? do i have a problem?

here is a link to the board on the manufactures site.


if anyone could shed some light on this it would be appreciated
2 Solutions
>>  remain fairly cool   <<  some do, some don't
if the board carries warranty, have a replacement, or use :

It's the northbridge that usually has a fan attached to it, so I would say your motherboard is defective, especially if it's an Intel 915 chipset.
s4m222Author Commented:
im getting a replacement thx guys

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