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Hi- many websites ask for a picture to be resized so that it is, for instance 1024KB maximum. But programs such as imageforge resize based on pixel size or percentage, which makes it a hit-or-miss way to resize. Does anyone know of a cheap or free program that will allow me to select a folder full of pictures, and resize them so they are all 1020KB? I want them to be as big as possible, but still within the parameters the website demands. Thanks!!
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

An interesting idea... to answer your question, the most versatile resizing / batch resizing program I know is IrfanView, and it does NOT have that capability. This would be a tricky concept to code for, because the number of bytes in an image are not directly proportional to the pixel dimensions - especially in compressed formats like JPG and GIF.

mel150Author Commented:
OK, thanks for clearing it up!
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