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My Documents Redirection - Can I do different settings for different users?

Hello Experts,

Having just been rapped over the knuckles about not doing things the "SBS Way", I thought I would ask this question. Is this possible, and if it is, what is the correct way to achieve it?

I want two differnet types of My Documents redirection;

Some users should be pointed to a specific folder. They all collaborate on the same stuff and it makes sense for them all to see the same documents.

Other users are loners, and I want those users to be redirected to \\server\share\%username%\docs instead.

Can I do that?
2 Solutions
Yeah just create two seperate security groups and divide the users into those two groups

So one group might be called (Standard Users) other (Loner Users) I am sure they would not like that though...:o)

Then create two group policies and apply them to the individual security groups.

So in one polcy you direct to one folder and in the other policy you do individual folders.

then when a user logs on it will check what security group they are in and then apply the policy relevant to them.


Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Hope your knuckles aren't too bruised or bloody.  :-)

The thing is that BOTH configurations are automatically set up for all users... so you don't really have to do anything at all other than instruct your end users which folder to use.  (Well, it's almost that simple).

The thing is that you really don't want to have a Standard User's My Documents folder on their workstation sitting there without being backed up... just for the slight chance that they put an important document there that should be in the SHARED folder.  So if you just do My Documents Folder Redirection for everyone, that'll be taken care of.

Then... for Shared Collaboration, SBS comes with Windows SharePoint Services already preinstalled and preconfigured.  It is really much better designed for collaborative use... and it has a lot more features than just a plain old Windows NTFS folder.

SharePoint is accessed either by opening IE to http://companyweb, or if you did get everything set up properly, there is a link in each user's My Network Places to "General Documents on Companyweb" which allows a Windows Explorer type navigation to the same exact folders.  But don't be fooled... these aren't ordinary folders because the documents are actually stored in SQL (or MSDE on SBS standard version).

It is possible for you to map a local drive to this folder as well... which you can put into the login script so that it shows up in their My Computer window and is easier to remember.  (http://msmvps.com/blogs/kwsupport/archive/2004/11/03/17830.aspx#38710)


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