Software to archive files from server

Does anyone know if the windows backup or of any other relatively cheap software that will archive files older than a certain period (e.g. older than 2003) to a CD/DVD or tape whilst preserving the directory path of the original file and deleting the file from the server.

The reason is files are using lots of space and file earlier than a certain date can be moved to say DVD but may need to be retrieved once or twice a year. However it would be nice to see the file in its full path that way you know where they belong.

If anyone can shed some light on this that would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Hi there,

Had a quick root around not sure if this is any good but you could have a look at it.

I am nearly sure that the likes of veritas and arcserve can do it just don't have access to them at the moment.

This is a feature of Windows 2003 Server enterprise edition.   To implement this cleanly, e.g., as a feature of the O/S without relying on third party software, you would need to purchase and install a transition pack and then a step up license.  

SBS transition pack:

Step up license to enterprise:

Note this requires an open license agreement, which is easy to get.

The how to on the implementation is here:

By the way -- that solution is NOT relatively cheap!  The most inexpensive way to do this is to write a script to move files to a DVD staging area,  and replaces each file with a stub file (same file name but ends with .txt or .htm) that identifies the DVD volume ID.  

I personally am not a big fan of third party backup solutions but there may be some out there that handle this as well.
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mmohabbatAuthor Commented:
That solution is out of the question, surely someone has done this before or knows of software (inexpensive) that does this. Anyone have an example script?
mmohabbatAuthor Commented:
I think the Delenda software will do nicely.

Thanks Michael
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