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This is the situation:
A server on location A is an sbs server+exchange.
A server on location B is a windows server 2003.

People from location A are now popping their emails from the exchange server B to their pc's.
Now they will install a sbs server + exchange, but they still want to be able to reiceive the mails from their mother company at location B.
The domain is hosted on the server B with smtp feed.

What is the best solution here? forward all mails that arrive at server B to server A?
Can the exchange server forward the separate usermails to the different accounts at server A?
I assume they can use the same SMTP address to send mail?
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Let me try to explaing you :-
We have two locations, two different forests and 1 Exchange org at a remote location right now, and will have another Exchange org at location B soon.
Now, these two different locations or forests or Exchange orgs are as different as and with no connection. (VPN connection doesnt connect Active Directory or any trust)
Now, once you will have a separate Exchange org at location A, you will have user accounts in Domain A with mailboxes in Exchange org A and they will be using the mailboxes now in their local server (local org) from now onwards.

Now, the question is that how the mails will be forwarded which are there for them in Server B (Domain B) and future mails that will come in their respective mailboxes in Server B.
So, for this, you can extract their current mails in Server B into a .pst file using ExMerge and put them in Server A (Location A) and for all future mails, you can setup forwarding to forward all mails coming to e.g. to For this to work, you will have to create a contact in domain B with external email address ( and then setup the forwarding on the user account user1 in Active Directory in DomainB.

Amit Aggarwal.
Are these two exchange server exist in the same Exchange organization or different Exchange organizations? What about the AD domain? is it  a single forest or two different forests in two different locations?

Yes, You can forward separate user mails to the different accounts at Server A.
Go to user properties in Active Directory Users and Computers - Exchange General tab - Delivery Options - Forwarding and then put the SMTP address of the user account at Server A. (you will have to create a contact first if these are two different AD forests)

Amit Aggarwal.
suppsawsAuthor Commented:
different exchange organization.
two different forests in 2 different organizations.
the problem is that the sbs server can't make a trust relatioship by design ... .

I wonder how that forwarding works.

location B has the user accounts + exchange settings.
location A has nothing, so I have to add the smtp addresses of server B to the user accounts on serverA.
When I put on forwarding on server A, the server will forward the mail to itself, won't it?
because the primary user accounts are on server B?
How does server A know that he has to forward to server B, and not to itself?
suppsawsAuthor Commented:
maybe I am explaining it a little bit like strange ....

There is one server B, at a remote location.
There is no server on location A, those users are just making a vpn connection, which allows them to send and receive mails from the exchange organisation at site B.
Now there will be a server on location A, which can be an sbs server (preferably) or a wink3 server.

The users at location A want the same situation; they want to be able to send and receive with the same credentials as they did before with the VPN connection active.
What would be the best solution in this case?
Create a constant vpn connection between the two sites?
Create a trust relationship (not possible with sbs)
Forward all mails coming at site B to the users at site A? (how will this work?)
suppsawsAuthor Commented:
Hello aa,

I think I understand you explanation! :)
So in fact there are 2 EXT domains (INT will be the same): and
There can be a forwarding of to
So the incoming mails will be directed, they will arrive at the usa location, but will be forwarded to the location.
So I think it's not bad that the mails will be directed to the domain, because they can use the as outgoing smtp address, right?

This is a solution, but is it the best one?
These are some other solutions:
- a constant VPN (no fwd necessary)
- http over rpc
- ???

What would be the best solution you think?
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