VS 2005 Web Form Designer UI - Problem to access properties of controls which are embedded in a ASP:Table


when I am using the standard ASP:Table control in a WebForm and add another controls i.e. buttons
inside the table cells; then I can't access the properties of these embedded controls
nor it is possible to create a prepared event handler code by a double click
on these embedded controls. In the moment when I move the mouse pointer inside the
area of the ASP:Table control, the pointer changes persistent to a four-arrows shape.
Also no smart tags are showing up in this table or at the embedded controls.

A friend has the same effect on a different machine/vs2005 version.

Thank you for any help,

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ASP generated tables are mostly easy to use when you bind data to it. If you are using the asp:table tag to layout your table completely without binding any data to it, it would be pointless to use it and will probably generate more errors than it would do good.

As far as I can tell you use the asp:table to put the different controls where you want them. In that case I would recommend a standard table structure.

Can't you select the control in question using the drop down of properties on your right hand side (depending on your VS.NET layout)

It's logical you can't access the controls within another control. As soon as you try to select it, you select it's surrounding control.

byteknightAuthor Commented:
Hallo Max,

I cannot access the embedded controls with the properties window.
So if I program this way, I have to code the control properties manually (forgetting the comfortable VS Design UI).
Is this intended?

Maybe I should better use a standard html table for embedding the controls.
What is the practical difference between an ASP generated table and a (hardcoded) html table?

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