Implementing EPO3.6 in VLAN environment


I am planning to implement EPO server 3.6 in a Windows 2003 server and Windows XP client environment. This network would consist of various VLANS (macxhines on different sub-nets but able to talk to each other) for different departments. I want to know if there is any special needs for EPO to work across VLANS? If yes what are they?
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If there are any problems, I haven't seen them yet.
Been using ePO for almost 6 years in a variety of WAN/LAN configurations.
The only thing that has ever stopped the ePO agent from contacting the server is a local host Firewall that was mis-configured.
I consistently deploy notebooks and workstations around the world that check back in with the server on schedule.
Good luck - I'll be watching this post to see if anyone has had a problem.
LucF and GradMod - thank you.
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