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   I made an application using Visual Studio Express and now I want to create an installer for it.
   I tried with Publish option which creates an installer, but when I run it it does not ask for installation path. It just install the app in user documents and settings directory.

   Any idea how to make it to ask for installation path?

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Hello sey7,

reading up on ClickOnce deployment [the one VS Express uses] it states

Installation directory
Your application files will always be copied to the My Applications folder under the user's My Documents folder.

this will ensure that the application is only available to the current user and updates are always to the same folder automatically when starting up if marked for that functionality

if you really want to control the destination you need to build your own, VS 2005 has a setup project to make setup packages as in the old manner or you look into a commercial msi editor or the platform SDK to make your own installer package

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